Read and Review Program Success via Choosy Bookworm

by Julie Frayn on September 13, 2014 in  Writing

As one of the authors of Enovelauthorsatwork, I was lucky to be part of a pilot Read and Review program through Choosy Bookworm. The premise, conjured up by Jackie Weger, founder of enovelauthors, and Jay Lee (aka Kevin), the guy behind Choosy Bookworm, is simple. And perhaps a touch of genius. It works like this:

  • Author signs up to take part in the read/review program and pays a small fee per book for Choosy Bookworm’s time and effort
  • When approved, Choosy Bookworm presents the author’s book to readers who sign up to receive free ebooks from authors seeking reviews, and commit to reading and posting an honest review on within two to three weeks. Note that reviewers are not paid, and all reviews are to reflect their honest opinion of the chosen book.
  • Choosy sends author a list of email addresses of readers who have asked for their book.
  • Author gifts their book via Amazon, or sends a mobi file by email (author’s choice. I picked gifting because those gifts go toward your sales stats, you get a third of it back in royalties (or 70% depending on the price of your book – I dropped mine to 99 cents for the period I was gifting it), and the reader can only receive your book onto their Kindle, not have a file they can share).

Simple, right? Yes!

I had 34 readers request Mazie Baby. I gifted the book to them via Amazon and tracked who claimed the gift. When a few days passed and some had not claimed it, I sent a reminder email (a lovely little feature in Amazon in the ‘track my digital orders’ section). In the end, all 34 readers claimed the book – a 100% claim rate. I like that number.

Then I waited. Didn’t have to wait long. The first review came in within 24 hours of the reader accepting her gifted book!

“OMG what a wonderful book!!! I started it this morning and could not stop reading it until finished. This book should be read by every woman and teen age girl alive. So many women live this life and put up with abuse on a daily basis. This book sucked me into the lives of the characters and had me crying and cheering for justice to be served.

Julie, I lived some of this and thank you for the way you told and handled this story. Wish I had been able to read it 40 years ago!

This is a must read!!!!!

What a wonderful review! The author of that review even sent me a personal email (more than just the confirmation that the review was posted as requested by Choosy Bookworm).

With a little prodding from Jay when reviews were slow or not forthcoming, 22 readers posted reviews – a 65% review rate. I’d say that’s a win. Especially since they were all 4 and 5 stars. Maybe the other 12 readers will get to it one day.

I’m so enamoured with the program, I signed up my other novels. They are both scheduled to be presented to readers in September. I can’t wait to send out the stories and reap those reviews!

Thank you Jay and Jackie! Colour me appreciative.

Authors, sign your books up here.

Readers, sign up to read and review here.



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