My mom has always had a wide range of acquaintances. Maybe it was due to her years supporting politicians’ campaigns and working in the office of the Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre. Or perhaps it’s just her outgoing nature and ability to talk to anyone about anything at any time… It’s an enviable trait. One I didn’t inherit.

Alzheimer’s is extending the diameter of her acquaintance circle wider and wider every day.

Baby girl and I took her out for an afternoon of dog shopping (yeah, we didn’t get a dog – different story). She wanted a burger, so we found a Wendy’s drive-thru. She told us how she knew her dad. But now he’s dead. (Each time she says ‘dead,’ it is with emphasis, a deep voice, and that single syllable is drawn ouuuttt).

I asked whose dad she was talking about.


“Uh, you mean Dave Thomas? You knew Dave Thomas?”

She looked at me like I was an idiot. Yes, she knew him and he visited her and Dad whenever he was in town. And she remembers coming into the restaurant (aka, Wendy’s) once and there was this redheaded girl. It was Wendy herself.

Okey dokey.

Apparently Mom and Dad were also good friends with Tim Horton (he, after whom the famous Canadian doughnut shop is named). They knew him when he was playing hockey, and when he opened the first doughnut place. He made the best hot dogs. And now he has so many stores. But he doesn’t own them because he’s dead.

Then there’s George. That’d be George Doherty, the namesake of a popular Canadian skin cream for those of us blessed cursed with skin so dry, folks try to set land speed records on us during speed week. According to Mom, she basically was responsible for their product, for it was her that told George, “Someone ought to make a skin cream for this crazy Canadian climate.”

Emphasis on crazy.

Everywhere we go, she stops in her tracks, points and stares at people. “Do I know him?” “Isn’t she that evil woman who took away my driver’s license?” “I went to school with that woman.” “Is that….?”

No, Mom. No it’s not.

The topper to this edition is when she told baby girl of the time she met Buddha. He’d come to visit her in Calgary. Of course that was before he was murdered and now he’s dead.

Sure thing, Mom.


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